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if you're looking for something specific, please contact us and we place you on the waiting list with your specifications. please note we do not sell males with merle patterns within the continental united states with breeding rights. they are available here as a pet only and will be altered prior to leaving. no exceptions. pet only options for clients whom do not wish to breed range from $2,000-$4,000. contact us directly for more pet only options as well as retired adults.

do not cut corners in providing the best care and environment for our pups here, therefore pricing is not negotiable. if you do not see the value in what you're purchasing feel free to shop elsewhere. i retain the right to refuse service and i do so often. it is my responsibility to make sure each and every pup is placed in the perfect forever home. i will keep each and every one until i feel in my heart i am making the right decision. we would not maintain exclusivity if we were accessible to everyone.

only discounts offered are:
-$400 one time discount to tax clients
-repeat customers receive $1,000 off every future transaction
-referrals receive 10% credit of the sale


lilac merle female nano 20k
lilac merle female pocket 15k
choco tri merle female 20k


2 champagne merle micro males
outside of the us only and require a budget of over 20k

blue nano male $10,000 11/24/2022 


lilac tri micro female pet only 2k
lilac micro male $5k


koutures Cataleya x incometax
12k nano female 07/24/2021



keeper male 3k to pet home
potty / house trained 05/02/2022 raiden x arya


keeper male 2000 pet only 07/24/2022
ssbs clone x sindel


koutures gigi x pimpin aint easy 15k
approved homes only

adult micro male 02/01/2021



male 2000 to pet home only
07/27/2022 Income tax x ginger spice


koutures gigi x clone female 17k
approved homes only

adult 10/09/2021



female 2 7,500 07/27/2022
ginger spice x income tax


female 1 7,500 07/27/2022
ginger spice x income tax |
( sold )


male 6,500 07/24/2022
sindel x clone |
( sold )


keeper female 12k 05/02/2022
arya x Raiden |
( sold )


female $7500 - 12/10/2021
or pet home for 3k
( sold )


female $12000 - 11/26/2021
or pet home for 3k
( sold )

male nano $7500 - 4/23/2021
or pet home for 3k
( sold )


pet home only
merle - male - micro 
$2,000 03/08/2021 ( sold )

Male micro $8000 - 4/23/2021
price drop to
$6,000! ( sold )

female micro $15,000 - 2/9/2021 ( sold )


female micro $13,000 - 1/16/2021 ( sold )

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