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welcome to kouture kennels


kouture kennels is a licensed breeding program, owned and operated by gabrielle roberts kouture. we are based out of south florida. we have been strategically breeding the american bully breed since 2015 and created the first exotic merle lines in 2016. merle is now quickly growing in popularity in the bully community. here at kouture kennels we strive to create the most consistent, exotic and rare looks to set us apart from the rest. these luxury designer dogs come with the best pedigree, structure, health, personalities, have great temperaments and sought after rare merle and tri coloring. most puppies will be micro bullies or pocket sizes. we ship worldwide. all puppies are under contract to assure they receive the best care, have received all age appropriate shots and dewormings as well as their health certificate by a licensed veterinarian. we use mainly ukc and abkc registrations. i offer full breeding rights or discounted pet only options for those who just desire a companion. pet only options are for buyers who are solely in search of a luxury pet and do not intend to breed, these discounted rates do not include registration and are for a fixed pet in order to maintain the market value for myself and everyone who has puppies from the lines i have created. i offer payment plans on puppies up to 10 weeks of age, all puppies are well socialized, spoiled, and interacted with on a regular basis. i give all of my babies the best of care in every aspect of life and it will reflect throughout your research. i wholeheartedly care about my babies and offer lifetime support and mentorship to everyone who gives them a home. whether you are wanting to incorporate one into your own breeding program or you just want a family pet, we are here to assist with years of knowledge to contribute every step of the way.

please note we are not a pet store and it is mandatory to develop a one on one relationship with new owners

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